Amazing coloured Maserati

Recently, we repaired very rare colour Maserati Granturismo-S MC Sport Line that has Bronze Metallic body in the name of Bronzo Maserati.

Maserati has released this kind of colour several times for some model such as Ghibli, Quattroporte though it was the first time we had ever seen Granturismo-S MC Sport Line in this bronze colour.

Macerati Granturismo-S back

We were really impressed that amazing metallic paints cast a more dramatic contour shadow because of the body lines work.

Macerati Granturismo-S tire wheel  Granturismo-S MC Sport logo

Macerati front bumper

The repair was dent of the front bumper by a fallen tree branch, and it has been completely repaired. We are always ready to help you even as for such rare model and colour!

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