How to Know If You’re Dealing With Car Frame Damage

Cars can often get into all sorts of damage. And while some may be visible and obvious at first glance, other damages to your car may be more subtle at first. For example, damage to the car frame may not always manifest in visible bending. Sometimes, you really have to pay attention to your car to know that the damage is there.

Unusual Noises

If you hear grinding noise when you drive over bumps in the road, then you might have a damaged frame. Also, if you hear a creaking or popping noise when you turn the steering wheel, then your car may have a damaged frame.

Unusual Tire Wear Patterns

If your car has unusual tire wear patterns, especially multiple sets of tire marks, either in the same place or in different places, then you may have a problem with the car’s frame. If you see your tires wear out only in one spot, but there’s no sign of damage or wear and tear in that spot, then you may have a frame damage problem.

Poor Car Alignment

You may also have frame damage if your car pulls to one side or you have a noticeable torque steer. If you have these problems, have your car checked out by a qualified mechanic, who should be able to identify any frame damage problems.

Incorrect Fit of Car Parts

Sometimes, when you have a bad case of frame damage, you may notice that some of your car’s parts are not correctly fitting into the frame. For example, the door or trunk may not fit correctly when you close them. Also, the hood may not close properly, and you may have some issues closing the hood. When a car’s frame is bent, the shape of the car may change, and it may no longer be a perfect fit.

Uneven Shock and Suspension Wear

Also, if you notice that your shock absorbers and suspension wear in different places, then you may have frame damage. Often, when a frame is bent, and you drive on it, you may see uneven wear in the shock absorbers and tires on your car.

Poor Wheel Tracking

Also, if you see that your wheels are tracking unevenly, then you may have frame damage problems. If you notice wear on the inside of your tires, it is usually the result of bad wheel tracking. The reason the car is tracking unevenly is that the chassis or frame of the car is bent, and therefore the wheels are not in alignment. In this case, have your car checked out by a competent mechanic to confirm if you have frame problems.

In Summary


If you’re wondering whether your car may have frame damage, then check the various parts of your car and see how they fit and how they move. In addition, look for unusual tire wear patterns, tire wear in one spot only, and any kind of unusual noises when you drive your car. If you have any of these issues, then it’s time to have your car looked at by a qualified mechanic.

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