What are the Signs That Your Car Needs Body Repair?

While driving on the road, there will be many hazards that can damage your car. Examples of these are other drivers, pedestrians, and large potholes. While damage to the exterior of your vehicle may be visible, damage to other areas may not be as visible. 

For example, if your door gets hit by another driver, it is easy to see the scratch or dent on the door, but it may not be visible that there is now damaged wiring or a broken window.

To help ensure that your car is in tip-top condition, here are some of the signs that you should get your car checked out for a body repair.

Dings & Dents

This is a common problem caused by hitting something with your car. If you hit a small object, such as a pole or a light, the collision can cause some dents – but nothing to be over-concerned about. 

However, if you hit someone else, you should check the other vehicle for the same dents. If your dents appear to be more than the other vehicle, then it is time to get your car checked out. As previously mentioned, you do not have to see the damage to know something is wrong – you only need to look under the car’s hood.


A scratch is a scratch, but a scratch that you or your car cannot remove from the paint’s surface is different. If the scratches are on the outside, you can simply get rid of the scratches by using a rubbing compound. 

But if the scratch is in the car’s underbody, you may have some problems. If you have scratches under the vehicle, you should check your car. Your car may not drive the same, or the problem may cause the engine to overheat.


If your car is vibrating when you drive, it can signify that the tires are not balancing out or that you need new tires. If the tire is not balancing correctly, it can be dangerous to drive, and you should have the problem checked out.


A loose part can cause a rattling or clicking sound in your car, but it can also be a sign of more serious problems such as a bad engine. When you feel a rattling in your car, you should have the problem checked out to make sure that you will not need an engine replacement.

Leaking Fluids

Driving on the road can cause a lot of bumps and jerks to your car, which may cause some fluids to leak. Oil, coolant, and transmission fluid are the fluids you need to take the greatest care of. 

If you have an oil type leak, it can cause severe damage if you don’t get it checked out. If you have a transmission fluid leak, it can cause your car to start jerking or even cause it to shut off while you are driving on the roadway. If you notice any type of leak, stop your car and get it checked out immediately.

The Bottom Line

If you notice some of these signs while driving, you should check your car. A small problem that you do not take care of now can become a big problem later down the road. Take your vehicle in for a check-up right away.

To take good care of your car, you need to go to a place with skilled mechanics that provide reliable service. That’s something we can do for you. Here at Car Beauty Salon, we make sure to service your car in any way you need—whether it’s bodyworks repair, maintenance, and more. You can count on us to get your car looking and driving great. Contact us today or get a free quote online now to get started!

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