Insurance FAQs

Please feel free to give our team a call to ask any other questions.

All insurance companies have a list of their preferred repair shops. These are the repairers they deal with often and get the best prices from. While we may not be on the ‘Preferred Repairer’ list of your insurer, all insurance companies will accept a quote for any repairer for the damage to your vehicle.

 When talking to your insurance company, simply state that you would like to deal with Car Beauty Salon as a ‘Named Repairer’ and they will allow this to happen. We are already a ‘preferred’ repairer for some insurance companies and are actively seeking to become a ‘preferred’ repairer for more insurers, but as you may appreciate there are a number of formalities involved and many companies to deal with.

The name of your insurance company and, if possible, the name and phone number of the person with whom you had the accident. Car Beauty Salon will assist you with paperwork and claim lodgement to make the process as hassle-free as possible.

We will assist you in checking your insurance policy to see whether it covers you for a substitute vehicle whilst your vehicle is being repaired. We have an excellent association with a rental company and we will subsidise some of your car rental.

It depends on your insurance company and your current policy. Your insurance company will be able to provide this information to you.

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