Caliper Paint Colour & Logo

Personalise your wheel appearance!

Custom Colour

You can make the calipers unique and express their individuality by a wide range of shades. Please inquire with the staff about the varieties of colour.

CBS pagetop image yellow caliper – Caliper Paint Colour & Logo
CBS pagetop colored caliper – Caliper Paint Colour & Logo

Custom Logos

You can combine with a choice of bold print black, silver, white, blue or red, and various other colour logos. Please tell the staff your best logo design.

Caliper logo01 – Caliper Paint Colour & Logo
Copy of CBS pagetop image600 300 – Caliper Paint Colour & Logo
bmw wheel – Caliper Paint Colour & Logo

Why the need for Good Paint Quality?

Caliper paint tends to proceed without removal from the wheels in low-quality shops but at CBS, all parts removed from the vehicle to get the perfect finishing.

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