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Accidents can happen at anytime when on the road – from minor car park incidents, where that concrete pillar went unnoticed when parking, or more severe accidents on the road.

So what benefits do drivers get in repairing minor bumper damages in cars? Here are some examples.

1. Easier Insurance Claims


Leaving a damaged bumper on a car is dangerous for drivers and passengers alike. Suppose another road accident occurs and causes more damage to the vehicle and its riders. In that case, insurance companies can argue that neglecting to have the bumper repaired after being in a collision for the first time is the vehicle owner’s fault, not theirs. Therefore, they can’t approve the insurance claim as there was a fault on the policy holder’s end.

In most cases, it is typical for an insurance company to cover up to 75% of the cost. However, it depends on the driver’s insurance company and the state involved. But despite the charges, the car owner is responsible for repairing and maintaining the vehicle. Therefore, bringing the car to a collision repair shop is still the best before filing a claim.

2. Improves Car Resale Value


Minor damages might not seem like a big deal to the vehicle’s owner, but they can impact the car’s resale value. A damaged car bumper can be easily noticeable, especially if someone is trying to buy the car. As a result, the buyer will most likely negotiate the resale rate of the vehicle to make up for the damages present.

However, taking care of the damages in the bumper should help the seller present their car as brand new. Bumper repairs can happen in various ways. The process can repair the bumper as needed or replace them if the owner agrees. But then, the results are still the same—potential buyers will not notice that the bumper attached to the vehicle is not the same stock or the original unless stated.

3. Better Safety & Protection


During an accident, a vehicle’s bumper serves as the first line of defense against the force of impact. The bumper is designed to absorb some force and prevent the body from getting damaged beyond repair. Therefore, leaving a damaged bumper in the vehicle can lead to car body damage and even a collision.

Taking care of the bumper is essential to prevent further injuries and property damage. Most insurance companies will include bumper coverage in their policies. If not, drivers can also feel free to purchase separate car insurance that provides bumper coverage.

4. Improves the Car’s Look


Bumper repairs will make the vehicle look good and remove the old damaged bumpers from the car. In most situations, the seller is the one who is selling the vehicle and not the owner. The seller may feel uncomfortable about the car’s look, which could lead to a bad deal.

bmw 2014 repair 04 – 4 Benefits of Repairing Minor Bumper Damage in Vehicles



Bumper repairs become essential in keeping the vehicle safe from damage while improving the vehicle’s overall look. Drivers can have their bumper fixed or replace it based on the damage incurred from the collision, depending on the suggestion of the contractors based on their diagnosis. But when taking it to a collision repair shop, drivers should consider the vehicle’s safety first before going for looks.

Car Beauty Salon offers collision repairs in Sydney. Our goal is to assist clients in taking the necessary steps to ensure their vehicles become ready for the road again.

We provide bumper repairs, ensuring their safety and protection while driving will work and save them from any road accident that may happen in the future. Book an appointment on our website today and top it off with a vehicle detailing service after.

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