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Bodywork Repairs

Our specialised staff use high-quality genuine parts & equipment, to make sure your car looks spectacular again.


Wheel Repairs

We provide your wheels with a beautiful polish that will remove any scratches and smooth out dents from your wheels.


Vehicle Detailing

We ensure that every aspect of your Car is taken care of properly, from cleaning out the deeper hidden crevices or door hinges down to polishing up exterior trim pieces.


Caliper Paint

If you are looking to make your calipers stand out, our specialists can paint them with a variety of colors in order for you to achieve that desired look on the exterior.

Our Repair Convenience Promise

At Car Beauty Salon, we make it our priority to provide you with the most convenient and streamlined experience possible. This is why we take it upon ourselves to be the direct liaison with your insurance broker. It also means we can get the most out of your insurance rebate as we can explain in the best detail the impact of the accident on your vehicle.

This convenience promise doesn’t stop there! We make an effort to be as efficient as possible with our repairs to minimise the time your car spends off the road. With Car Beauty Salon, your vehicle will experience the care and quality attention it needs with a fast, proficient turnaround.

Mention the Online Promotion when enquiring to be eligible!

Promotion only applies to the cost of labour & customers are eligible to a maximum of $500 off.

Lodging Car Insurance Claim

If you’ve ever lodged an insurance claim before, then you know it can be a lengthy process. We take the stress and hassle out of filing your claims so that our customers are always satisfied with their experience!

Free Loan Car Arrangement

Our loan car service is arranged on a per request basis for vehicles in our shop. Please call our team today to discuss further.

Recieve $150 to 15% OFF*

Get $150 OFF your insurance excess or 15% OFF for private work. If you’re unsure of whether repairing Privately or through your Insurance, please give us a call and we’d be happy to help you!

*Labour Costs Only.
*Maximum of $500 off.

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At Car Beauty Salon, our priority is to provide you with the most convenient & streamlined experience possible.

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